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I have been a farrier who has been interested in lameness cases for over 21 years. As I’ve learned more, I’ve specialized more and more in founder and lameness cases. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that traditional founder and lameness treatments or protocols have not worked well and in some cases even caused both the horse and the owner more pain and anguish than was necessary. I’ve learned in order to have a perfectly healthy happy horse, there first must be harmony. By balancing all aspects of the horse, developing treatment plans and through diligent persistence, I have been lucky enough to return many horses to happy and useful lives.

Balance is the key to your horse’s health; balanced diet, balanced body and balanced feet. What is balance? It can be different things for different horses at different points and times in his life. It’s forever changing.

Within the pages of this website, I hope to offer you thoughts, ideas and visual images to help you see that I offer you a logical approach to trimming and balancing lame or foundered horses. The way I evaluate a horse appears to be different from anyone else out there working today. A horse can’t perform at his optimum unless the whole body (feet, skeleton and nutrition, etc.) is balanced.

How can you tell if your horse is balanced? Well, if your horse doesn’t seem to move right, if he doesn’t move like he use to, if his body posture or body language doesn’t seem right, if he is having new control issues, something within the horses’ realm could be out of balance. Contact us for an evaluation.

Let me ask this question; is your horse worth something to you only when he’s well or serviceable? Hopefully your answer is No. He should have value always. Think of this too; if you’re like most horse owners, you’ve spent a lot of time effort and money on training, tack, togs, trucks and trailers. Why not pay some attention to your horse’s very foundation, his feet. Harmony is his life is built up from there.

There is hope for your horse, whether he is a founder case, a lameness case, or even a wellness case. There are always ways to make him better; ways that are logical, functional and feasible.

I am available for phone, email or on-site consultations with you and your farrier. I will be happy to work with you as much as necessary to make sure your horse gets the care he needs and gets ‘back on his feet’.

Thank you, Keith