Mariela – November 2005

MovieMariela on April 25, 2005 (large file)

November 13, 2005
As of this date, Mariela is recovering nicely. The pictures and short movie clips should help you draw your own conclusions. You may wonder what her feet look like at this point in time. Well, since Mother Nature is always kind enough to offer pleasant days with lots of warm sunshine, picture taking is hard to do well. Picture updates will be taken when the light is more favorable. Bright sunlight just isn’t the most conducive to accurate and detailed photographs.

The trim frequency for Mariela is that of a normal horse. She’s been trimmed every six to seven weeks. Her trim is nothing more than the normal trim that I perform on any other ‘normal-footed’ horse. Mariela is a quiet and usually cooperative horse. Trimming her is usually quick and easy, that is, now that she’s back to being a normal horse.

Mariela is a little unique in that she hasn’t received the usual rehabilitation. She’s not received as much massaging, stretching, chiropractics, walking, working and repeating of the process. Nevertheless, her environment and personal care has been conducive enough to afford Mariela the chance to recover, albeit slower than most of the other cases. The point to this is, even though her rehab wasn’t ideal, the protocol was adaptable enough to her situation so that she could still mend her feet and body.

Now that Beverly sees that Mariela is capable of riding again, she plans to re-introduce her breeches to her saddle and put them both to good use by riding Mariela more and finish out her rehab program, which will bring Mariela back to full service. Beverly lives in a great place to ride several miles without running into any traffic, unless it’s harvest day for the hundreds of acres of cotton.

Mariela, Beverly and Gene are all living happily ever after, in the heart of So. Georgia farm country.

A momentous day for Beverly and Mariela. It’s all smiles and miles from here.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

See Mariela in action!
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