Quick tips for taking photos of your Equine’s Feet

by Keith Seeley

Here are Ten Suggestions to use as a quick reference guide to things you can do to make your photographs more effective.

  1. Thoroughly wash feet (or at least pick, clean and thoroughly brush feet) so that there is good detail on the photo.
  2. Get the Horse to stand as perfectly square as possible when taking photos.
  3. Start on the Left Front and Go clock -wise every time. You will then know which foot is which in the photos. (You can also mark or tag each foot if necessary to help identify the feet later. But be consistent each time.
  4. Take the same set of shots on each foot i.e. toe view, lateral view, rear view (heel bulbs), sole view and sole plane view.
  5. When taking standing shots, get the camera right down on the ground or perhaps one inch above (depends on camera style and size.) . You want ground level shots of hooves but include the pastern. It’s important to be able to compare pastern angle and hoof angle in an normally loaded foot, not one foot forward or off the ground.
  6. Knot or hold tail if it is going to interfere in photo.
  7. Chose a flat spot of dirt, road or barn aisle, preferable not grass.
  8. If you avoid harsh sun, you will also avoid shadows.
  9. Try not to use flash if at all possible as it will tend to wash out the subject. Indirect or ambient light is best.
  10. Include a full side view, front view, shoulder view and rear view of the horse if possible. These views are valuable for looking the over all balance and symmetry of the horse.

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