Q: Why do farriers / trimmers say that ‘this is just your horse’s conformation’?

A: The short answer is, this is what has been thought, taught and believed for generations based on old information. We, as humans, take things to heart because we put a tremendous amount of faith in our mentors, leaders and teachers. The fact of the matter is, the mentor and leaders are only as good as their mental thought process. If their thoughts are skewed, then their beliefs and teachings will be skewed. We, as humans, are believers and followers. Those who think outside the box and prefer to test and prove things before believing are often thought of as weird, strange or bear no weight in the eyes of society. So, when a farrier is taught that the problem with a foundered horse is that the deep digital flexor tendon is the problem and that it will pull the coffin bone through the sole of the foot, followers of said teacher believe that to be true, when in fact, it’s pathologically impossible for a ‘tendon’ to pull the coffin bone.

As for ‘conformation’, this is very tough for farriers and trimmers, because many of them believe that once a horse’s conformation is set, it cannot be changed. This, in my opinion, isn’t true. Granted, there are issues that are tough or impossible to change, but those issues have to be pretty severe. Minor conformational issues can, and are, changed by simply modifying the trim to help reset body balance, symmetry and alignment. If the body can slowly change over time due to one issue or another, why can it not be reversed by altering the trim to help the body correct itself. And it’s not just the trim that allows that to happen. Remember, it’s the whole body that’s taken into consideration and it’s the whole body that’s addressed, which possibly means chiropractics, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral or any number of other treatments and procedures to help the body correct itself. It’s the whole body and that requires more than
just a farrier or trimmer and horse owner.