Farrier Services

I have an approach to working on horses that appears to be all my own. I treat each horse equally and fairly. Every horse is a unique individual, therefore, every horse is worked  based on it’s own unique and specific needs or issues.

It has been my pleasure and privilege to travel around the country to help horses and owners in need. I trust my farrier skills have helped make a difference for both horses and owners. I can come to your location, as my schedule allows, but not all cases require me to travel; many cases can be handled by phone, pictures and emails. In addition to working with you, your farrier and your vet on site to perform the initial services, I also work with each one to help develop a treatment and recovery plan for your horse. I can correspond with you to modify and alter the treatment plan as the need arises. Recovery from founder or a lameness problem takes time, patience and diligence. Together we can get your horse healthy again. After all, It’s all about the horse!

Local Basic Services
Standard trim:
Corrective trim, new:
Corrective trim, in process:
$75.00 – diminishing to Standard rate
Out-of-area travel fee:
$40-100 – depending on length of travel
$50 per 1/2 hour (Phone or email)

In state services:
My local travel area is within 125 miles of Columbus, Ga.

Out of state services:
Out of state corrective trim fees: $550.00/day, minimum of 2 days
Additional costs NOT included: airfare*, rental car*, airport parking*, lodging, meals.

I am also available for a limited number of group or barn clinics throughout the year.
Clinic topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Founder
  • Lameness issues
  • Hoof and Horse Balance
  • What to look for when when buying a new horse
  • What is a Sound Healthy Hoof
  • How to Help your Farrier between trims
  • How to Identify Proper Trimming or Shoeing
  • How your horses feet affect his health

Each of these have threads related to one another. But each one can be addressed individually. I can also provide evaluations for your horse, identify lameness or movement issues, help evaluate nutritional issues and evaluate your horses environment to get the best health benefit out of it. There is so much that affects your horse. I have always tried to look at the entire horse and his surroundings to help get him better. Inquire for more information.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your horse’s situation.

* These costs pertain only to cases where airfare and car rentals are required.  If other options are available, we can certainly discuss them in order to help keep down the overall costs of the visit.