Appliances & Devices

Not all devices provide the proper comfort and support to aid healing.
Buyer beware!

Another equine professional insisted the way to treat founder was through the use of expensive support devices. This is what was placed on Princeton’s feet in October of 2004. The owner was ordered to leave this contraption on for 6 weeks. However, the horse was barely able to walk after only three days. The impression material was too hard and unforgiving after a few days, the angle of the wedges are much too high to alleviate pressure from the coffin bone on the internal sole, plus the angle of the wedges forces the inner capsule down and forward inside the hoof wall. This configuration was the exact opposite of what this horse required for comfort and healing. No appliances, devices or shoes have been necessary to repair these feet. TLOP foam rubber pads have been used from time to time to provide comfort and support, but they are designed for comfort and to be re-addressed and re-evaluated on the fly, and can be done by the horse owner. This device is not designed to comfort or support this horse in a manner consistent with healing. It was also very expensive to apply.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your horse’s condition.