Here are a few notes from my clients. I hope they will give you hope for you and your horse!
Thank you so much for sending this email to me with your excellent ideas on working together with the farrier to assess problems and making owners aware of the difference between pain issues and training issues. I’m so sorry I have not had time to reply to your email until now but rest assured that right after I received it I began to incorporate your ideas into my program.

We are now working together closely with our farrier, vet, equine massage therapist and equine chiropractor along with our regular training methods in order to treat and improve the whole horse inside and out.

I am very impressed with what Keith was able to accomplish with Benny and Mac to relieve their painful conditions. Is Keith taking any new clients? How far does he travel?

I hope to see you and Keith again soon and thank you again for your insightful suggestions.

Wishing you much success,
Ed Dabney

I have known Keith for approximately 2 years. I have never personally met him or have any idea what he looks like. All of my contact has been via e-mail pictures and telephone. He has helped me to trim and meet the personalized need of my own horse.

I do know this, he truly cares about these horses, and he knows more about my horse than any farrier I’ve had. Why? Because now I am a true believer in what he does. My mare Calamity Jane was 30% foundered, and I was in a hopeless situation…. Until I was put in contact with Mr. Seeley. Calamity’s future was either painkillers or a death sentence. If you have come to this point and are reading this you know that all too well. You have hit that wall, until now, you have found his website.

As you know most farriers and vets do not want to deal with a foundered horse, but… Keith thrives on one. It is a challenge for him to be met head on. Talking to Keith was the first time that I was offered help, to make her feel better, and hearing the thrill of knowing that there was hope. The challenges that he takes on are amazing, and the dedication to these horses is unbelievable. My mare and I have gone from three legs to galloping on four. We are not fully recovered yet, but we are much for the better knowing Keith, and we are seeing improvement.

Recovery for a foundered horse is a process. It cannot be done overnight. Keith Seeley can help you get there, and he can start getting your horse comfortable, now.

JC – Minnesota

It was 2 years ago in the spring, My paso fino mare was lying out flat for days with lamminitas My vet of 20 years did what she could do Bute pain killers ect. xrays. My expert farrier did all he could do. I was expected to have a lame unrideable horse forever.

WRONG! I got on the computer and asked for help I received an e-mail from Keith Seeley. From that first e-mail from Keith I have had nothing but improvement. He worked with me and my farrier thru many steps and procedures. I thank God for Keith every time I watch my mare kick and buck and gallop out in the pasture, let alone get into her perfect little fino gait. I have never met Keith but I will tell you I have never had anyone care so much about my horse.

I have been showing my horse all year now and we owe all that to Keith. His caring and love for all horses is certainly commendable. My Paso and I are truly grateful and are so LUCKY you answered our cry for HELP. For anyone of you who have a lame horse – You have 2 choices , call someone who may be able to help Or call someone who can!!!

Penny – Pennsylvania

My head was pounding. I was hyperventilating. I had just finished a meeting with my farrier about the fate of my three-time foundered gelding. Beau would not survive another episode and there was nothing we could do to prevent it.

But I had been in contact with a unique man, TommyLee Osha. TommyLee had tried to explain how he, Dr. Robert Bowker and Keith Seeley would help my horse recover. Because I so lacked knowledge, my fried brain barely understood his concepts but I knew we were at a crossroad. I kept returning to the feeling that what Tommy was talking about made sense. TommyLee put me in contact with Keith Seeley.

With my head still pounding I called Keith. His patient listening calmed me down. He carefully explained why BOGHS methods would work where others had failed. I was in way over my head, just a horse owner who always left the hoof care to the professionals. But Keith made sense. I was breathing again. I put my horse’s future in their hands.

It would not be easy. There were countless hours of learning on my part. There were countless hours of teaching on Keith’s part. We found a farrier here who was willing to go on this trip with us. Amongst us, we shared digital photographs, explanations of hoof function, trim instructions and corrections, plus physical therapy and rehab work I could do for Beau. Through it all, Keith graciously suffered my endless questions and provided genuine concern and support.

Here we are two years later, and I am riding my gelding again. The BOGHS approach has resulted in a horse that was supposed to be euthanized being ridden again and living a happy, normal life. And as a result more horses are being helped here in New Hampshire. A great thing.

Keith loves his job and never gives up. I am forever grateful for the guidance and care he has given my horse and the knowledge he continues to share with us.

Nancy – New Hampshire

Hi Keith, Not sure if you remember me from a few months back but I emailed you with concerns about my 4 year old mare that was having problems with laminitis. Good news is I found two very caring and knowledgeable farriers that listened to my concerns and helped me to get my Indy back on track! I want to first off thank you for helping me understand her condition and also get a better understanding of what she was feeling. We are currently riding, playing at liberty and feeling 100% of what was the norm before her injuries. I have been riding since July and she is back to her strong willed, yet active self. You gave me confidence and knowledge to seek the proper help for her and since then I have found it and I can know say that I am happy to have my friend back healthy and running wild! Thank you for the work and passion you have for horses and I hope that all is well with you.

Ani and Indy